Montag, 21. August 2017

Stolen! Now you know...

Just for the record:
In 2008 I put some pinstripe flames and emblems on a customer's HD tank, and proudly published pix on my website. Coupla months later, I see Harleys with my design on them all over the place. Now while I am kinda proud to have created such a popular design, I am a bit miffed that nobody even asked for permission to use it for their crummy little sticker shops.
Oh well. After this post, some guys can now brag about having a real TOM design on their $15k HD, for a fraction of the price of an original! So thrifty!

The original:

And the fake, in one of its many crappy incarnations:  
(There are many others on Ebay and whatnot that are more exact, I just picked this cuz it even made it into the news!)

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  1. Awesome design! Love checking out your blog thanks for the share, keep up the posts!