Montag, 21. August 2017

Stolen! Now you know...

Just for the record:
In 2008 I put some pinstripe flames and emblems on a customer's HD tank, and proudly published pix on my website. Coupla months later, I see Harleys with my design on them all over the place. Now while I am kinda proud to have created such a popular design, I am a bit miffed that nobody even asked for permission to use it for their crummy little sticker shops.
Oh well. After this post, some guys can now brag about having a real TOM design on their $15k HD, for a fraction of the price of an original! So thrifty!

The original:

And the fake, in one of its many crappy incarnations:  
(There are many others on Ebay and whatnot that are more exact, I just picked this cuz it even made it into the news!)


  1. Awesome design! Love checking out your blog thanks for the share, keep up the posts!


  2. making Cash for car Joondallup is getting a lot easier than making pie. Have you tried yet??