Sonntag, 3. August 2014

A hard summer's work!

Would you believe that I was so busy all spring and summer I hadn't found time to update the blog? (That's a rhetorical q. :) Well here's some of the stuff I did in the last few months. Too bad I'm such a lousy photographer or there had been many more pix! Another big project from last year, the Steinmann Topolino dragster is finished now too. Watch out for an upcoming feature soon in Street Magazine and of course on this blog!

Went to Holland for a few days to paint, this was the Opus Magnum there.

The Neighborhood Cafe.

From a big Dutch Chevy truck.

My barber and his new skull at Street Show HH.

Such Boringo...not :)

Ain't it the truth.

When in Berlin...

...visit this place!

The shop and car of Herr Schneider, barber of kings and Tomsters.

Done at Race 61 in Finowfurt!

Done at the Harley Days Hamburg.

Mean old Jawa at Rust'n Dust, Teterow.

Something commercial...

The nicest tank to stripe this year, from a Jawa. Love that gold.

St. Pauli RULES!

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